About Me

.Painting for over 20 years and still loving every mark

My Studio at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth, UK

It is for ever changing when I decide I need to paint in a different way to when I want to show my work to the local visitors, It all depends on the seasons

Here is a little bit about me,

  • I am Martin Bush from the UK and Painting for over 20 years
  • To sell a painting is something that gives me great joy and having sold over a 1000 paintings I can only say a big thank you to the support I have had over these wonderful years as an artist.
  • I live in Plymouth UK, did you know this is where the pilgrim father’s who discovered the known western world started many of their intrepid journeys. Many not to return
  • I have been in business for over 20 years and love my job. Before I was a commercial artist and before that I did many things including boat biulding, Furniture making and a little sales. But that is another story.


  • This shop is in its infancy and will grow as I get to grips with all its fineries
  • I am one person so do bare with me.
  • You can contact me via email art@martinbush.co.uk or UK Cell Phone +44(0)7703231150 (Please take a note of time zone we are UK time zone)
  • Also see more of my work on my main web site here
  • Also see below to connect with my facebook, twitter and other online presence